Celebrating Greek Independence Day

GreekRave on News12

GreekRave on News12

Co-owners Chris Pavlatos and Spiro Markatos appeared on News12 with host Dough Geed for a segment on Greek Independence Day. They presented some Greek foods from their GreekRave restaurant.

Greek Independence Day, as it’s called, is actually OHI day. That word means NO in greek. The word “OHI” was the Greek leader’s response when Mussolini [during WWII] asked Greece to surrender. 

This resulted in the Italians fighting the Greeks for 6 months, which changed the trajectory of the war;  ultimately it pushed back the Italians entry to  Russia by six months, causing them to fight and fail during the Russian winter. 

This day was a proud moment for Greece as it allowed them to be a part of an international effort to defeat the Axis of Germany, Italy, and the Empire of Japan. To this day it is celebrated with much fervor

As the Doug, Chris and Spiro discussed the day, they Chris and Spiro presented traditional Greek Foods from their restaurant GreeRave. This included a Gyro Greek salad, Chicken lemon soup (Avgolemono), Pastitsio-spinach pie, and the dessert Baklava-Rice pudding. 

The owners felt especially blessed not only to promote their restaurant but take part on a day that holds tremendous pride in their heritage. 


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